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Autonomous Living
The first fundamental principal to ensure actualization (in any field, project, task or goal) is to embody a best practices model of time management.

What would you do with more FREE time?

Time & attention are a direct measurement of values. 

How we spend our time is an honest reflection of what we care about & ultimately who we are; as individuals and organizations.

Closing the gap between: 

stated values (I believe in V) 

and enacted values (I do W), 

over a period of time (X) 

with focused attention (Y) 

is essential for goal actualization (I want Z).

Without hard data we cannot accurately evaluate the the alignment between values and the actualization of those values. Understanding where our time and attention are going right now is crucial first step.

One of the reasons people / organizations fail to achieve goals in the long term is that their goals are not clearly aligned with their highest personal values & truths. 

Without a customized plan based on lifestyle, values, aligned with present and future objectives there is no path forward. The plan must be rooted in a dynamic Truth. 

Holding oneself personally accountable to one’s own stated values is a powerful method for harnessing natural motivation / reward systems and a highly effective method for actualizing through values based time management.


Once the U-Corp methodology is employed over a period of several weeks, the individual then decreases their “spoken for” time and increases their “free time” increasing their autonomy.

“If you chase two rabbits, you will lose them both.”

Time Management as a Service - TMAAS ™

If you want to know what people care about then pay attention to the amount of time they spend doing something and the engagement they have with that activity.

Managing employees or a team's strategy based on this principal help increase engagement, attention and actualization.
For companies

Autonomous Living ™

Learn the secrets of effective Time Management by employing the easy to learn practical methodology outlined in the "Autonomous Living" program.
Spend less time doing what you "have to" and more time doing what you love.
For Individuals

Exclusive Time Management Techniques That Produce Results

Easy to Follow
A big problem with most time and project management solutions to achieve a goal is they do not take into account the unique personality and situation of the individual utilizing them. As many fitness enthusiasts repeat; "the best diet or exercise plan to follow is the one you will stick to consistently."
A values based approach sets the orientation and our unique structure helps you customize it for your goals and unique circumstances.
Learn just how easy "Autonomous Living" by downloading our cheat sheet
Values Driven Approach
We are driven by our values. The problem is many people have adopted external values structures or have not actually committed to or even thought about what they truly value. In every moment we embody our values either by default or by design. Without a solid grounding in our own values framework, we lack the inspiration, motivation, perseverance and patient to achieve our goals.
See how your "stated values" match up to your "enacted values"
U-Corp ™
Behind the success of the "Autonomous Living" methodology is a practical framework called U-Corp. This helps direct your time and attention to your highest value initiatives, so you spend less time on "must do" & low value tasks and more time on your highest value tasks, with the goal to give you the most amount of Free Time and Free Thought
Learn more about the U-Corp ™ template in our cheat sheet
Time Blocks ™
Time blocking is a simple structure that helps with ensuring long term success. If you focus all your attention with no distractions on a single specific task/goal regularly, it is only a function of hours before that goal is achieved.
See an example Time Block in our cheat sheet
Strategic Architecture Map - SAM ™
For advanced time and project management we need top down strategy driven approaches that translate into actionable steps through a planned timeline. Using a dynamic / living Strategic Architecture Map allows you or your team to have a direct pulse on your project and enabled real time course correction as new information becomes available.
Access our Strategic Architecture Map templates
The Binary Day ™
Accountability is essential for success. Setting realistic goals and targets with a focus on continual improvement until diminishing marginal returns or stasis is reached. Having clear measurable milestones daily with Time Management starts accurate data and ends with accountability. The "Binary Day" method keeps this process simple.
See an example of the Binary Day in action
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LIVE: In Person "Autonomous Living" ™ Seminar

Where did the "Autonomous Living" Methodology come from?

+12 Years of Development
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Ground Up Approach
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Focus on what you care about
Our goal is to make you better at the "must do" or "spoken for" time blocks, so that you can spend MORE time doing the things you actually care about.
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