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Time Management as a Service

Time Management as a Service

If you want to know what people care about then pay attention to the amount of time they spend doing something and the engagement they have with that activity.

When managing employees or teams strategies based on this principal that help increase engagement, attention and actualization.

“Autonomous Living” – Actualization through Values Based Time Management; developing an understanding of time and our place within it.

The employees goes through exercises on how to define their own values system.

Once this is defined for them personally then they can create their own meaning and engagement in the work they do.

They can value themselves appropriately within the organization. This allows them to be self regulating.

The process ensures that both personal and company values are upheld.

No one likes having to report to anyone but in companies, employees are held to account for a number of different priorities, the last of which is their time. By giving employees time, you focus that time appropriately. Someone concentrating at full focus for 3 hours is much better than someone distracted for 8. Or worse, someone works 10 hours but does 5 hours work…

Many companies get this, which is why they offer full time remote working positions on competitive salaries.

People like to have global freedom. The more free they are to chose how and where they live and what they do with their time, the happier they generally are.

If you have top talent, people who are smart and love what they do, you can nurture that in a big way by developing a shared values reporting structure.

The employee simply has to self report and manage.

Self reporting is nothing more that using time and project management well.

Using Time Management as a Service Software can facilitate that process. It allows a central hub to exist for reporting and accountability.

This is useful for companies, executives, organizations, teams, individuals, students and parents.

In controlled studies of groups of 1-20:

  • Self Reported Productivity Increases
  • Deadline accuracy increases
  • Goal actualization becomes more predictable
  • Employee happiness and engagement increases
  • Communication and understanding increase
  • Net positive economic benefit

You want to stack victories for people.

When leading, your goal is to help anyone you are responsible for win. You want them to win, when they win for themselves, they win for you.

It needs to be a trusted partnership in order to motivate people properly.

That’s aided by transparency and a negotiation for time.

Freelancers and agencies understand this concept. You ask for the maximum length contract with the most room for growth.

It’s why they say a project will take 4 weeks when it will take 2. Unless they don’t know how to staff and manage remote teams well.

Splitting up duties between remote teams, allows you to test a work force on a given project. An employee can be managed in a similar.

Allowing them to divide how they spend their time, which priorities through out the day. Allows you to see where their value is. What they are best suited to doing within the company.

Everyone is better and worse at different things, you want to optimize for their best and also devote time to improving their worst.

You want specialization within an organization, have people focus on their most high level tasks, where they can do the most for the company.

This means they need to be given time to properly do that. It means that they need room to breathe.

To sit with the work for an appropriate amount of time to understand it and complete it to the highest of their ability. You don’t want speed at the price of excellence. You want both. The only way you get this is through instilling a strong mental focus in the present moment with employees.

That focus comes naturally when a person cares about what they are doing it. A large part of them is engaged with the work right in front of them at that moment.

It takes very little time to do and lasts a lifetime.

The skills and tools provided allow you or your company to customize it to your specific corporate culture, values systems, goals and industries.

To Understand How Time Management as a Service can work for you complete the survey below.

Wishing you increased Free Time & Free Thought.

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