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Getting Help With Time Management

How you spend your time is a direct expression of your values.

The amount of time (in hours, minutes, days, etc) you spend on any given task or “Time Block” is directly related to your values structure, even the things you have seemingly have no choice in doing; i.e. “Spoken For Time”.

The quality of focus, attention and energy you give to what you are doing – the task at hand – is another measurement of your level of your mastery over time or “Will”.

Even free time, leisure and joyous moments should capture your full attention to be fully enjoyed…

Then there is the relationship with the self and the world through time; past, present and the ever evolving moment from present to future.

Understanding the relationship between these three elements is essential for understanding how to live and embody your values through time; that is, moving yourself and your life in the direction you want right now, today, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, etc.

You are already doing this and embodying your values by how you spend your time and the attention/energy you give to that time….

The goal is to cultivate a life with more Free-Time & Free-Thought. This gives Free Choice. A Free Choice of how to spend your time and where you want to direct your energy. In a sense it give you freedom, the freedom to be your unique individual self with agency in the world.

If you have time, you are able to decide what best to do with your time. If your time is lived in accordance/harmony with your values….

This is Self Actualization.

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